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Long Term Care

Kappel & Apple guides you to insurance carriers that meet your needs.

Regardless of your family’s health history or your own health experiences, Kappel & Apple probably knows an insurance carrier that will provide life insurance to you at a reasonable cost. Each insurance carrier has its requirements, and they can vary significantly from company to company. Because we have so many choices in selecting your policy, we can evaluate your situation and match it to the insurance carrier that is the most accommodating for your history.

Some examples of how we can overcome imperfections

• We know which carriers don’t consider cholesterol problems, as long as it’s
 being treated.
• We know which carriers don’t consider family history of cancer as relevant
 to the insured.
• We know which carriers only consider deaths from cardiovascular disease,
 not just occurrences, when evaluating life insurance rates.
• We know which carriers don’t consider occasional cigar use as relevant when
 assigning tobacco usage rates.
• We know which carriers don’t routinely order doctors’ records.

After 25 years in the insurance business, Kappel & Apple has learned a few things about which carriers to trust with your life.

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